The Pull of Yorkshire

Both Ashley and I grew up in the North. Me in Yorkshire and Ashley in Lancashire, his world was in the French Alps and mine in London, the contrast could not have been starker. When we met, our worlds collided, but how could we make our lives fit together? With love, commitment, time, and effort, we started to combine the calmness of the mountains with the vibrancy of London. 

Eighteen months into our relationship. We were planning our wedding in the place that seemed to fit our spiritual and emotional needs, that place was North Yorkshire. The gentle hills, the deep green fields, and the abundance of nature, gave Yorkshire a magnetic pull we could not escape. Throughout both our childhoods, we took for granted what was on our doorsteps. We saw it, but never REALLY saw it! 

On a Sunday summer’s evening, heading back from Yorkshire to the hustle and bustle of London. I remember it so vividly, the sun was setting and the light on the fields was magical. We’d had such a fun weekend, and I said to Ashley, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a small place up here?”, and his immediate response was, “Why don’t we write down what we want?”. With that, we started writing our wants for the imaginary place we were already creating in our minds. A month later, a mill conversion miraculously landed in my inbox. As someone who believes in ‘serendipity,’ I knew this was no coincidence.

Throughout the whole buying process, I knew this apartment would be ours. Even with the onset of COVID-19, and the fear of losing our main incomes. We were steadfast, knowing the outcome would work out in our favour. On April 10th, 2020, right in the middle of the world’s first global pandemic, we completed on our beautiful apartment, Spindle Lilly in Horace Mills, Cononley. Even though we didn’t move in until July that year, none of that mattered, it was ours! 

Life has a funny way of guiding us in the right direction, even though at times it feels like we’re wading through treacle. With experience of spending time in treacle, it’s time to let everyone know, that to trust, is to receive without question. 

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